Redfern Cottage Child Care Minto

Redfern Cottage child care Minto

Our Child Care in Minto is dedicated to providing fun, nurturing environments for all children in our care. We acknowledge the importance of strong relationships with all of our families and our educators are committed to strengthening these relationships through clear communication and seeking input. Our facilities ensure children’s health and safety, which is always our top priority. As our Minto Childcare is family owned and operated, you will see our teams dedication to the centre, families and children each and everyday.

Minto Early Learning Centre

Committed to early education

Research shows that 90% of a child brain development occurs between the ages of 0 and 5 years old. Our Early Learning Centre in Minto acknowledges the importance of our role as Early Childhood Educators and we ensure our programs reflect the individual interest and developmental milestones of the children in our care. We ensure to work towards realistic goals with each and every child, which is always communicated with our families to seek further input.

Childcare Minto offers fun learning for kids

Fun learning, great friendships

Early learning is always important, but a passion for learning is what we strive for with the children in our care. We achieve this through nurturing their creativity and curiosity for the world and encouraging the development of meaningful friendships with peers. Our childcare centre in Minto ensures that educators are supporting these friendships as they children challenge their social, emotional and communication skills.

Welcome to Redfern Cottage child care Minto – A family centre for children Minto

Our purpose-built child care centre in Minto located just a 1-minute drive from Minto shopping centre, is home away from home for all of the children and families who attend. Our childcare in Minto ensures the children in our care feel safe, supported, and nurtured each day.

Our team of experienced educators ensure that every family is greeted warmly, and they take the time to know you and your family personally. Our historic location, once home to Dr William Redfern has a cosy cottage feel, that help children to feel safe and calm.

Our early learning centre in Minto is family owned and operated and open from 7am-6pm to help our working families with easy drop off and pick up. Our large outdoor area is equipped with a large sandpit, grass area with hills as well as climbing frames and a cubby house.

Our experienced Centre Manager Taylor ensures clear communication with families on events, health concerns and individual learning. We guarantee from the moment you walk in our doors you will agree, we are one of the best child care in Minto.

Redfern Cottage Child Care in Minto is family owned and operated centre for kids
Minto Early Learning Centre features and services

Minto early learning centre features

  • Care for children 3 months – 5 years
  • 4 purpose built rooms
  • Large outdoor playground
  • Gourmet meals prepared on-site by qualified pastry chef Miss Rebeca
  • 4 week rotating menu – catering for all allergies, dietary requirements and preferences
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of educators
  • Long hours 7am – 6pm
  • Age appropriate fun learning activities
  • School readiness program for preschool aged children
  • Daily communication via closed closed Facebook group
  • Monthly observation on children’s development and interests
  • Incursions including; dental visits, eye sight testing and more

For more info, please contact:
P: (02) 8880 9892

The latest updates on childcare Minto

To find out what exciting experiences and events the children and families at Redfern Cottage have enjoyed recently, please scroll through out Facebook page and enjoy.

Take a look at our child care in Minto

Enjoy having a look through Redfern Cottage photos that outline our 4 spacious purpose built rooms, large outdoor space as well as some examples of the fun activities the children enjoy each day.

Find Redfern Cottage child care centre in Minto

View us on the map to ensure our location is convenient for your families needs. We service families from Minto, Minto Heights, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Raby, Eagle Vale, St Andrews, Woodbine and Leumeah. We are also conveniently located just a short drive to Minto train station and many bus services.

What our parents say about Redfern Cottage early learning centre Minto

Please have a read through some of the wonderful Google reviews left by families both current and past.

Teachers are nice and caring. The playground needs a swing. It’s very spacious than most daycare centres and very clean. They are new and already doing so well.

Fatema A Munia

Fantastic childcare centre. Staff are extremely professional and friendly. Makes leaving my daughter there easy knowing that she is in safe hands. Staff go the extra mile to make sure parents feel at ease and involved in everyday happenings of a child’s day. Lots of structured learning opportunities and sensory play. Would highly recommend.

Beata Podesta

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value.


Meet our child care Minto team

Our team of dedicated educators have many years combined experience and knowledge. Here you can meet our team and read about their passions for Early Childhood Education.



Minto Childcare Centre Director

I believe every child should have access to high-quality educations where they can learn and flourish into knowledgeable young learners. I’m committed to creating a safe, fun and learning based environment for children.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe that every child should have the entitlement to learn in a safe environment. I believe that children learn by individually exploring the natural environment and collective learning within the classrooms.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe that children have their own individual difference, strengths, and weaknesses. In these individualisms we can cultivate their strengths and uplift their weaknesses for them to become one holistic individual.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe that each child is an individual and unique and learn at their own pace. As an educator, I will value n and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe that children should have stimulating education environments where they grow mentally and socially. Every child has something special and I will assist children to express themselves and respect the difference of other.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe every child should have their own rights while being able to access a safe and fun environment. I am committed to being a fun loving teacher whilst giving children an opportunity to learn.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

I believe every child learns at their own pace and as an educator I work to ensure that each child reaches their goals. I create engaging experiences which allow for children to think outside the box and get creative.



Minto Childcare Centre Educator

It is my passion to help children grow and develop. I ensure their safety and wellbeing each day and ensure they feel at home, welcome and appreciated.

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What our parents ask about Minto childcare centre

Finding a quality child care service in Minto is no easy task, but we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions to help make this a little easier.

Do I need to pay for child care in Minto?

Some Government run child care are currently free for families, however it is important to note that these daycares often have quite a long waitlist. It’s important to contact Centrelink to find out how much government subsidy you can receive as this definitely helps to cut down the cost of childcare in Minto.

What are the different types of early childhood programs?

All daycares / early education centres follow the EYLF which outlines the areas in which a program should focus on. These include learning activities where children can problem solve, be curious and challenge their abilities. Communication activities where children need to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Gross motor experiences, including risky play. Social activities where children work together and understand fairness. As well as activities that outline emotions and understanding empathy and the feelings of others. All early learning centres will have age-appropriate experiences based of the children’s interests, that work towards one of more of these outcomes.

How many days a week should my child go to Minto early learning centre?

It is recommended to slowly ease your child into the longer days of primary school and therefore a few months before your child starts school many preschools and early learning centres will encourage you to increase your childs days to ensure they are prepared for that transition. Between the ages of 0-3 we often suggest 2 days for children especially as this helps with the initial settling period. From 3-5 years of age then we encourage at least 3 days to again help with that transitioning to school. No matter how many days you choose or can afford to send your child to an early learning centre in Minto, they will benefit greatly by challenging their social skills, emotional skills, self help skills and so much more.

Is 6 months too early for childcare?

Children benefit from Early Childhood education at all ages. Enrolling your baby in Early Childhood education can have a range of benefits, examples include:

  • Boosted immune systems
  • Children of a young age develop bonds easier so therefore they will often be easier to settle into childcare.
  • Support with developing strong routines especially as children transition from multiple bottles and sleeps per day.
  • Support through growth transitions such as teething, growing pains etc.
  • They will have developed strong bonds with educators and peers by the time they have to transition to the larger rooms so this transition is often easier.
What is the difference between childcare and early childhood education?

Centres will often brand themselves differently from daycare, childcare, early childhood education, kindy and more. We all follow the Early Years Learning Framework for the programs we offer the children in our care. We also all fall under the National Quality Framework and Standard as well as National Regulations so all centres must adhere to these regulations and guidelines.

What is an early learning centre?

Early Learning centres much like other daycares and kindy all follow the early years learning framework which focuses on educators working with families and children to develop children confident identities, communication skills, health and well-being, curiosity, resilience and so much more. Programs are developed using this framework and educators work with families to ensure their programs are incorporating the individual needs of every child.