Learning from the Beginning
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Dr William Redfern, one of Australia’s most distinguished Australian medical practitioners, arrived to this country over two centuries ago. He came as a convict yet rose from the depths to an honoured place in our history. He was a pioneer of Australian medicine, agriculture and husbandry, and a citizen who contributed greatly to the welfare of the early colony. He was the first medical practitioner to receive an Australian qualification, and our first teacher of medical students.

Redfern Cottage – was built on a grant made to Dr Redfern in 1811 for his home. Our early learning centre seeks to honour the legacy of Dr Redfern- of the potential to rise to greatness, regardless of where one started, through perseverance and principles.

The proud and rugged figure of Dr Redfern stands out in added importance as the years pass. He was rich in the attributes that men admire. He was stalwart in adversity, a helper of the weak, a spokesman for the oppressed, a great citizen, and a good doctor.

–The Life and Works of William Redfern, By Edward Ford 1953.