Redfern Cottage Early Learning Curriculum

Redfern Cottage Early Learning Centre Minto offers a curriculum for children based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and focuses on the individual child’s strengths, interests and needs. Redfern Cottage curriculum provides for many areas of development creating opportunities for children to enhance their social, language, physical and learning skills.

Children love to play, learn and explore and at Redfern Cottage Child Care in Minto our dedicated and talented educators create learning environments where the children are encouraged to grow and develop. Our enthusiastic educators create an educational curriculum that focuses on the development of each child’s interests by learning through play.

Early learning curriculum provides opportunities for educators to encourage our children to

  • Create …rather than duplicate.
  • Move …rather than wait.
  • Attempt to solve their own problems …rather than tell the educator, to have them solve them.
  • Speak …rather than listen passively.
  • Explore their interests …rather than just learning about what the educator thinks they should learn.
  • Make choices …rather than just being told.
  • Make their own lines …instead of colouring within the lines.
  • Write their own books …rather than fill in workbooks.
  • Create art …rather than do pre-planned crafts.
  • Decide …rather than passively submit.
  • Learn through experience …rather than by rote.
  • Appreciate the process …rather than the end product.
  • Ask questions and then figure out the answers …rather than being told facts by teachers.
  • Learn and use skills that are of interest and that are meaningful …rather than vague, abstract concepts that have no real significance to them.
  • Have a schedule based on their needs …not the needs of the educators or the program.

Redfern Cottage Online Portal

We use an online programming and documentation portal, so families have real-time access to their children’s developments anytime, anywhere. We provide a dedicated family login at the time of enrolment to this platform.

Redfern Cottage Online Portal by HubHello Australia

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