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Redfern Cottage – Child Care Campbelltown

Our purpose-built, family-owned child care centre near Campbelltown has been servicing the Campbelltown community since 2020. Our team at Redfern Cottage is extremely passionate and dedicated to providing top quality education and care for all children in our care. Our families and children are always welcomed by bright happy faces, ready to seize the day and learning opportunities. Our highly experienced Director loves to get to know families personally, to ensure our Campbelltown daycare is always meeting their individual needs.

What makes our preschool in Campbelltown stand out?

1. Large, engaging outdoor area

Our beautiful outdoor learning environment at our daycare in Campbelltown is sure to exceed your expectations. Our current children love every minute outside and we sure know why. We have provided an environment that is always challenging children’s gross motor skills, from the grass mounds to the climbing frames. Our space also provides a large, covered sandpit area with a large stage to transform into something different each day. Our team of amazing educators ensure activities are planned each day to support each age groups interests and needs. The children love the new cubby house which supports their imagination and creativity. Our outdoor area is surrounded by beautiful historical trees and newly planted gardens which provided a calm environment for all.

2. An engaging, purposeful, high quality educational program

Our team of highly experienced educators develop weekly programs that reflect on children’s needs, individual learning journeys, developmental needs, and interests. We ensure that children have access to experiences that are meaningful to them and harness their individual interests and talents, as well as challenging all areas of development. The programs across all 4 rooms at our Campbelltown preschool are developed to challenge the children at an age-appropriate level and ready them for each step in their educational journey, right up the final stages to get them school-ready.

3. Convenient location

Many of our family’s love being so close to public transport for their commute to work. Buses run frequently just near our Campbelltown centre, as well as Minto train station only being a short 4-minute drive/15-minute walk. We are also conveniently located just a short 5-minute walk to Minto shopping centre. Your commute to work will be a breeze when attending our Campbelltown daycare.

4. High Quality passionate Educators

Our families have given plenty of positive feedback regarding the team we have here at our Redfern Cottage Campbelltown childcare. Our team of educators demonstrate each day just how passionate they are about early childhood education and care, this is demonstrated through their programs, interactions with children as well as families. There is nothing more our Educators love than telling our families exactly what their child has learnt that day, the friends they have made or the milestones they have met. We have a range of experience across our centre, from those we are training in their Certificate III to those who hold an Early Childhood Teaching Bachelor’s Degree, all educators have passion and drive to do the best they can for your children each day. We are positive you will love each educator here at our Child Care in Campbelltown.

5. Delicious, nutritious, culturally aware hot meals

At our Campbelltown childcare centre we work in partnership with our current families to provide the children with a range of meals that reflect the cultures present at our centre. We understand the importance of introducing a range of flavours and textures at a young age to avoid future picky eaters. We also understand that textures and flavours can provide unwanted sensory input to some children, therefore our meals are flexible and alternative healthy meals are always offered alongside the planned meal to ensure that all children in our care can take on the day with a full belly. Our delicious, nutritious menus are on a 4-week rotation as well as changed between a summer menu and winter menu to ensure variety. Families have the opportunity to give input to the menu, which is presented to our Childcare Centres Chef.

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Purposeful Environments: Our Childcare Centre in Campbelltown has 4 rooms that cater for children 0-5 years

Tiny Wanderers Room (0-2 Years)

Our nursery room is designed to ensure children can explore at their own pace. Plenty of comfortable mats have been provided for a fun and engaging tummy-time experience as well as low furniture to encourage those who like to pull themselves up and plenty of foam furniture to provide cushion for those attempting their first steps.

Top 3 Experiences in the Tiny Wanderers Room

  • Sensory Experiences i.e Slime, Playdough, Finger painting.
  • Gross Motor Experiences i.e climbing with foam mats, rolling a ball, dancing.
  • Building strong relationships. We believe the strongest foundation for future educational success is a sense of belonging. Our educators ensure to spend quality time with the children to help them build a strong connection to the centre. At this young age, our Wanderers need reassurance, support, and a warm hug now and then.
Redfern Cottage Childcare in Campbelltown - Tiny Wanderers Room
Redfern Cottage Child Care Centre in Campbelltown - Little Explorers Room

Little Explorers Room (2-3 Years)

Our Toddlers Room is designed to support all children’s individual interests by providing a variety of educational areas. These include dramatic play areas for our imaginators, construction areas for our thinkers, arts and craft areas for our creators and so many more. Children have the opportunity to engage in all areas of interest and are always supported by educators to further their knowledge and understanding. In our toddlers’ room, we understand this is where children begin to challenge their social awareness including sharing, empathy and basic connections. The Toddlers in our Campbelltown Childcare Centre are supported to develop these skills at their own pace, and we believe that by supporting them to feel a sense of belonging, they will have the confidence to challenge their social understandings.

Top 3 Experiences in the Littler Explorers Room

  • Art and Craft Experiences i.e. painting, collaging and drawing.
  • Sensory Experiences i.e. Water Play, Nature Play, Playdough and Slime.
  • Dramatic play i.e. kitchen and cooking, home environment with babies, dollhouses.

Preschool 1 Room (3-4 Years)

In our Preschool Room at Redfern Cottage in Campbelltown, we understand the importance of setting strong foundations for future learning. We believe that this age group is really where children become aware of their own interests, needs and challenges. We believe that the support of educators is so important at this age group to help guide children to understanding positive actions and negative actions and helping them become empathic, caring and respectful individuals. At this age, children are so susceptible to their environments and the actions of those around them. That is why our environments, much like in the toddler’s room support children with a variety of interest areas. However, we also support children to work collaboratively by introducing group experiences and group times into the daily routine. Our team of educators introduce the basics of numeracy, literacy, cognitive skills and more to begin to prepare them for the upcoming transition to primary school.

Top 3 Experiences in the Preschool 1 Room

  • Experiences related to current learning journeys i.e. animals, dinosaurs, space, nature, cultures, transport etc.
  • Fine motor experiences such as tong experiences, drawing with tri-tip pencils, threading.
  • Self-help experiences i.e. putting on own shoes & jumper, collecting belongings (water bottle, shoes & hats), wiping own nose etc.
Redfern Cottage Preschool in Campbelltown - Preschool 1 Room
Redfern Cottage Daycare in Campbelltown - Preschool 2 Room

Preschool 2 Room (4-5 Years)

In our Preschool 2 Room in Campbelltown our team of experienced educators ensure that programs and experiences are developed to challenge the children’s critical thinking whilst harnessing their individual personalities, to ensure a smooth transition to Primary School. We understand the importance of introducing a school readiness program to the children whilst still ensuring they are confident in their social and emotional skills as well as self-help and resilience.

Our learning environment is purposefully set out to ensure children can explore the areas that interest them most and allow our educators to add valuable input into their learning and help to extend their thinking. Our routines are purposefully flexible as we understand the importance of allowing an engaged child to continue their learning. In our Preschool 2 Room, we are confident that we are setting strong foundations for all future learning and ensuring the children are the most confident they can be going into their next learning journey.

Top 3 Experiences in the Preschool 2 Room

  • Construction experiences i.e. train sets, Lego, magnetic shapes etc.
  • Numeracy activities i.e writing numbers in sand, identifying patterns.
  • Literacy activities i.e. magnetic letters, writing own name, literacy games.

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We hope that after learning a little more about our Historical centre, you take the opportunity to take a tour of our centre. We are confident that your Campbelltown Child Care Centre will exceed all of your expectations. Our team of lovely Educators are so excited to meet you.